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Anonymous said: OMFG! This blog is amazing! Keep up the great work<3

Thank you so much! <3

Anonymous said: To the runner of this blog: Who do you ship? Who do you like and dislike? (:

I personally like John Ross and Elena because I think that he is a better person for her, and he tries to hard to show her he loves her, but she kinda pisses me off though that she doesn’t appreciate it! (Kinda hoping for John Ross and Rebecca season 2 maybe ;) haha) 

As for those I like and dislike, I loooove Bobby, John Ross and Sue Ellen, and JR is starting to grow on me! :) I hated Tommy though, he was such a creepy guy, ya know? I also don’t really like Ann that much, or at least the way Brenda’s playing her.. haha :)

Hi, please read me.

I have some news.. I will be closing the ask box tonight for awhile, and probably open it closer to the new season! It’s just a little hard running three blogs, so I’m taking a small break on here. It will be opened all day, and I’ll close it sometime later in the night (7ish?). So! If you have any last submissions, or anything you want to put in my ask, do it now!

Also, if any of you have heard of ‘Marble Hornets’ (Slenderman youtube paranormal series) and enjoy it check out my new blog! It’s a co-run blog, and it’s so much fun to do!

Lastly, here is a link to my personal blog, if you have to ask me something while the ask is closed. I don’t take the submissions, but any other questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you all for making this blog such a wonderful one! 

I’d like to send a HUGE thanks to! She runs an amazing blog, everyone! I’ve gotten most of my confession pictures from her, and she’s even made a handful for me! Without her, this blog wouldn’t be nearly as good! So thank you so so much, and if y’all don’t already follow her (which you should be) Go follow her right now!